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A compass is a tool for determining direction. It is one of the most crucial navigational tools. The most popular kind of compass is a magnetic compass. Due to their widespread use, the word "compass" now almost usually refers to a magnetic compass. Although this sort of compass has undergone substantial design and construction changes throughout the years, its basic operation has not altered. A magnetised needle that is permitted to rotate to align with the Earth's magnetic field makes up magnetic compasses. The ends are oriented toward magnetic north and south, respectively.

How to Calibrate Magnetic Compass?

While holding your device and following the method shown in above picture, move your phone around three times, tracing a figure eight in the process. This will calibrate your phones compass.

Major reasons of improper reading of compass is due to magnetic fields and metalic objects near to the phone. Avoid plaing your phone near magnetic field like laptop, etc.

How magnetic compass works?

The mobile phone's electronic compass is an extremely useful tool. The Magnetometer sensor is the essential part of the electronic compass.

Your tablet or smartphone's magnetometer sensor also makes use of cutting-edge solid state technology to build a tiny Hall-effect sensor that measures the Earth's magnetic field along three vertical axes, X, Y, and Z.

The magnetometer is housed in a tiny electronic chip, which frequently includes an additional sensor (usually an integrated accelerometer) that aids in the correction of the raw magnetic measurements using tilt data from the auxiliary sensor.

The magnetometer is essential for determining the relative orientation of your device to the magnetic north of the Earth in addition to typical rotational information.

Which way is north?

Knowing that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, your left hand should indicate north when you face east, and your right hand should indicate south. It will be the opposite way around if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

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